The Carrion Crown is a 6-part adventure path published by Paizo. The setting is reminiscent of Ravenloft and other fantasy-horror settings. The game begins in the village of Ravengro, where the players are called in for the funeral and reading of the will of a common friend.

Next Session Date

9/13/14 3:00PM

Character Creation Notes

Characters all begin at level 1.

Stat Generation can be either a point-buy system as outlined in the core rules using a 15 point system, or using the ‘standard’ system (4d6, discard lowest roll).
These rules can be found here

Any race/class combination is acceptable for play. However – please reference the Carrion Crown Players guide for information about possible repercussions regarding certain races or classes.

Each character will be given 2 traits to spend. Each character must choose one from the Carrion Crown Players Guide. No characters may share campaign traits.

The Hero Point system will be used. Make sure you keep track of your hero points.

I like to keep copies of character information up to date in the PCGen program. This allows me to get up to date information without having to ask ‘what was your AC again?’ all the time. I am happy to provide print outs of sheets, or we can duplicate efforts.

Limitations/House Rules

Rolls of a 1 in combat are an automatic failure. A second compulsory roll must be made. If you miss again – something bad happens (:

Determining the use of a magic item is typically done via a ‘use ID’ method. Identify can be used to give half the printed bonus to Spellcraft checks to determine types of magical effects, but not necessarily specific properties.

The Carrion Crown

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