Located in the Ustalavian province of Canterwall, Ravengro is an unremarkable town of less than 500 people. As far as you know, the only thing of note is that your friend Petros Lorrimore had lived there for a number of years leading up to his death just weeks ago.

A few things you anticipate – the people of Ustalav are in general an untrusting bunch. In other travels through Ustalav you have had to prove to not be a nuisance before individuals would open up to you. However, you do know that strangers in such a small town will absolutely arouse some interest, especially because gossip tends to be the favorite pasttime in a rural community.

Notable Citizens

Petros Lorrimore – A well travelled and well liked professor, his death while researching the Whispering Way is what brought the party to Ravengro. He has left the party a set of books to deliver to Leipidstat University, but only after they have stayed in Ravengro for one month to make sure his daughter settles in.

Kendra Lorrimore – The daughter of the late professor. She has offered you her home as a place to stay during your time in Ravengro

Benjen Caller – The town sherrif, met at the Harrowstone Memorial. Currently does not get along well with the party and seems to distrust them.

Father Grimburrow – The towns lead cleric. A worshipper of Pharasma, he oversaw the burial of the Professor. Upon gaining his trust, he allowed the party to investigate rumors of an old crypt in the Restlands, where the party found some useful items.

Notable Locations

Lorrimore Home – This is the residence of Kendra Lorrimore. The party is able to stay here on the hospitality of Kendra. Additionally, the extensive library of the professor is a prime place to research the cult of the Whispering Way.

The Restlands – The cemetery to the north of town. Most of the towns dead is interred here and it has been an important part of the community for as long as it has existed. A secret stash of goods was hidden here by Pharasmian clerics sometime ago. Petros Lorrimore and the party are the only individuals to have found it.

Harrowstone Memorial – Located along the river to the west of town, the memorial lists the names of all the guards who died in the Harrowstone Fire under a statue of a proud and strong looking individual. It was recently vandalized by having a large “V” drawn in dogs blood on the base of the statue.

Church of Pharasma – This is the largest and most ornate building in Ravengro. Lists of the towns dead can be found here, along with other records. The party has recently gained enough trust to be able to use their library as needed.

The Outward Inn – One of the two inns in Ravengro, a strange occurrence took place the night of the professors funeral. A group of farmers were playing at cards when suddenly the card and table burst into flames. While the fire quickly died out, leaving no marks, the proprietor has since closed down business until further notice.

GMS Note: As you discover more about the town and it’s surroundings, more of this entry will open up.


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