The Carrion Crown

Sessions Two & Three

3rd Pharast

4th Pharast

Another visit to the ruins of Ravengro were carried out. During this time, much of the first floor was surveyed, with the majority of the day being spent organizing and clearing out the original offices of the guards and Warden. Once completed, information about the prison and prisoners was easy to come by, allowing the group to learn more about the hauntings.

A chance discovery in what seemed to be a property and evidence room uncovered a secret vault that carried five items that seemed to be in some way connected to the 5 Prisoners of Harrowstone – the most notorious group in the prison during the fire.

Of the greatest importance was the discovery and communication with the Ghost of the Wardens Wife, Vesorianna Hawkran. Vesorianna is the orignal haunt of the prison, and her cries of anguish are the source of the majority of the ‘haunted’ aspects of the prison. Through conversation with her it was uncovered that she died during the great fire after being locked into a small workshop to keep her out of harms way. When the fire got out of control, and the living guards fled the prison, she was trapped and died of smoke inhalation. Until recently she had been able to sense the presence of her husband, the Warden, somewhere in the basement of the prison. However, the same night that Petros Lorrimore died, she was able to see a group of strange hooded individuals, led by a man with a bone breastplate complete a ritual. She felt her spirit weakening in the space of a moment, and when it was over she could no longer sense her husband. Additionally, she herself witnessed the murder of Petros at the hands of the assumed leader of the group and the subsequent mutilation of his head and upper body.

After perusing the western half of the first floor, the party was tired and unwilling to stay past dark, and headed back to Ravengro.


Cyrael Cyrael

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